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Unicorn Smiles

Unicorn Poop Scratch Off Card! Fashion Retailer, Fashion Consultant Scratch To Win

Unicorn Poop Scratch Off Card! Fashion Retailer, Fashion Consultant Scratch To Win

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  • Each card comes with a sparkly glitter scratch off sticker
  • The back of the card is BLANK so that you can write a personalized note :) 
  • These cards are 3.5 by 2 inches. "Business card size"
  • These cards are MATTE so you can EASILY write on them and customize them! 

For example, if you order 100 of these, you will get 100 cards, and 100 scratch off stickers! 

HOW TO USE: You will receive the cards with a blank circle inside the Rainbow Unicorn Poop, this allows you to write on the card and give your customer ANY prize you choose! After you have written the prize in the white circle, you can then place your scratch off sticker over it. The back of this card will be blank to allow you to write a personal note / and or thank you to your customer.

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Customer Reviews

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Kara O'Dwyer
Such a cute scratchoff!

Rainbow poop from a Unicorn! 🦄 Cute, silly, colorful and sparkly! I can't wait to start using these scratchoffs to reward my customers with discounts, rebates, free gifts, etc. They'll be a great thank you gift to mail, as well as an excellent prize for in-person events. Mike also sent me a scratchoff with a discount on my next purchase! Thank you Unicorn Smiles!


EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED! I messaged someone with their company as soon as order was paid for. I told them I messed up & need the order shipped as fast as possible & even paid more for shipping to get it as fast as possible. I was promised my order was shipped that day. Post office never received the order for 5 days after that. So now I have paid for an order that I did not receive until AFTER the event that I needed them for was over with! Product is nice but it would have been nicer if the order had been shipped the day it was promised. If it had been shipped the day it was promised then I would have received it in time.

Super funny and cute

these are cards are great! I don’t know what else to say other than they’re sturdy and high quality 🦄

Lisa M.

These are perfect for my Sugar Shower business. We sell 🦄💩 soap. I will be using these a lot!! 😂

Lori M.

Perfect cards for my gut health customers!

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