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Unicorn Smiles

Unicorn Dust Scratch Off Card! Fashion Retailer, Fashion Consultant Scratch To Win

Unicorn Dust Scratch Off Card! Fashion Retailer, Fashion Consultant Scratch To Win

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  • Each card comes with a sparkly glitter scratch off sticker
  • The back of the card is BLANK so that you can write a personalized note :) 
  • These cards are 3.5 by 2 inches. "Business card size"
  • These cards are MATTE so you can EASILY write on them and customize them! 

For example, if you order 100 of these, you will get 100 cards, and 100 scratch off stickers! 

HOW TO USE: You will receive the cards with a blank white area inside the Cloud, this allows you to write on the card and give your customer ANY prize you choose! After you have written the prize in the white circle, you can then place your scratch off sticker over it. The back of this card will be blank to allow you to write a personal note / and or thank you to your customer! 

44 total reviews

Customer Reviews

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Chantel K.

Excited to send these out!

Heidi B.

I'm going to be honest here anything that is associated with unicorns is cute, adorable and just flat fantastic. If I could of gotten away with naming my children unicorn I would have. With that said I thought this one was cut because it was so colorful I really like things with spark or flare. My mom said I like loud thi gs because I'm loud lol!. So yes this is my absolute favorite because it fits me.

Donna B.

Not used. Them yet

Melanie D.

I use these on my shows for loyal customers. The last punch gives a free piece of jewelry of their choice. I shuck oysters and would really love to see something like that in your inventory or something with pearls. 🧡

Brittany M.

Can't wait to send them to my customers

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