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Something Magical Inside Small Business Sticker

Something Magical Inside Small Business Sticker

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Something Magical Inside Small Business Sticker

A fun little sticker to add to packages you send out to your customers or on the products you sell!

Each sticker is 2 inches squared and individually cut with a super gloss finish! These stickers are high quality, weatherproof, and easy to peel off the backing paper.

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Customer Reviews

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Elvira Bond
Enhanced your customer experience with a simple thoughtful sticker

Sending thank you stickers to customers is a thoughtful gesture that can enhance the overall customer experience. The stickers I chose to send were the “ reviews are my love language “, “ love your order? “free samples inside”, thank you with a purple sparkle and the ones that I love are the scratch offs ! They are high-quality and added a delightful surprise to my packages and this small act of gratitude helped strengthen my trusted seller status!

If you're looking to add a special touch to your customer interactions, thank you stickers and scratch off cards are definitely worth considering!

Oh and MIKE is a pleasure to do business with. So many deals in his Facebook lives!

Lisa Wheeler
Magical Stickers

The Magical Stickers are very cute and the colors are vibrant. Great quality & fun! Highly recommend!


They are perfect. Beautiful and they came fast.

Ashley Binsley
Lovely 😍

The cards are beautiful and the stickers are perfect! They will be a wonderful touch to my business! ❤️❤️

Mariah W.

These little stickers pack a big punch! Great to get every customer excited to get mail from you!

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