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Unicorn Smiles

Love your order? Snap, Share, and Review sticker

Love your order? Snap, Share, and Review sticker

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Love your order? Snap, Share, and Review sticker

A fun sticker to place on orders you send out to your customers!

Each sticker is 2 inches squared and individually cut with a super gloss finish! These stickers are high quality and weatherproof and are easy to peel off the backing paper.


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Customer Reviews

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Lisa M.

These are fantastic business generators for business. Reminding customers to review products is so import and their experience with you.

Sheila d.

These were one of my FAVORITE stickers to get!!

Heidi M.

Arent these adorable!? and to the point in such a cute way? I love that about Unicorn Smiles. I dont want anything thats way too much. Less is more, and with Unicorn Smiles designs, I can add multiple stickers to my mailers - it looks cohesive, not random/messy. Ships quickly too!

Karen A.

Love it! I can't wait to see if this will increase feedback and reviews!

Nicole P.

I absolutely love Unicorn Smiles. Everything I get from them is so colorful & fun. Makes marketing my business super easy.

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