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Glitter Compact Makeup Sparkly Scratch Off Card

Glitter Compact Makeup Sparkly Scratch Off Card

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Glitter Compact Makeup Sparkly Scratch Off Card

  • Each card comes with a  glittery/sparkly scratch-off sticker
  • The back of the card is BLANK (minus our trademark logo) so you can write whatever you like on it :) 
  • These cards are 3.5 by 2 inches. "Business card size"
  • These cards are printed professionally on thick MATTE card-stock so you can write on them if needed!

For example, if you order 100 of these, you will get 100 cards, and 100 scratch-off stickers! 

HOW TO USE: You will receive the cards with a blank circle, this allows you to write on the card and give your customer ANY prize you choose! After you have written the prize in the white circle, you can then place your scratch off sticker over it. The back of this card will be blank to allow you to write a personal note / and or thank you to your customer. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kathleen B.

I shared these with my customers and have received orders because of the “surprise” discount given. These are fun for customers. Who doesn’t love to get discounts?

Jolene T.

Just started my business up and these are perfect! Some products I sell are makeup and it’s so hard to find scratch offs like this! Love the choices!

Kimberly B.

Love these!! So do my customers!!! Thank you so much!!

Desiree Q.

I purchased scratch cards so they went out with my customers purchases, but I've already gotten feedback that they LOVE them!!! I also really loved that you sent me a few extra goodies and samples in my order. Now I want to order the things you sent me!!! Thank you!

Lisa T.

My customer go crazy

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