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Zebra Print Scatch Offs

I give it a 5 star it works amazingly for my games but wish the cards were bigger..

Love Everything!

It was so easy to find what I needed on the website. Quality products and fast delivery. I can’t wait to order again!

I just got them yesterday

It's too early to tell, as I haven't used them yet. They do look cool. If I love them, would I get some kind of benefit sharing your business with my friends?

Robin Grossman

Don't worry, she won this sticker

Very cute

Love the stickers and can't wait to use them! :)
It's these little touches that keep them customers coming back! Thank you!


Purchased months ago and never received! I have reached out to the company many many times and have not received anything back !

Great incentive !

Love the colors in tie dye design of the scratch offs. I especially like that it just simply says "scratch here". I can't wait to add these to my customers packages.

Rose Gold Enter to Win cards

These cards are very elegant! I plan on bringing them to my next event and hopefully they will help me to generate more business.

Mani Thanks Round Stickers
Jennifer Leonard

I ordered multiple packs of different stickers and am happy with the look and quality 😊

Super Cute Stickers

Loved the stickers!!

I know some home bakers that will love these stickers 🥰🥰

Can't wait to add these to customers orders!! They're perfect for my candle and wax melts 😍😍

Always going back

I love Unicorn Smiles, they are the perfect Product for my customers!

Never received..ordered 2 months ago

YOU DA BOMB! Sticker keeping you on your customer’s mind!

Good quality great graphics and just stands out!


I love them! I love all the stuff I've ordered! Can't wait to get more!

Hot Pink Glitter Scratch Off Cards
Jennifer Fazio-Medina

I love these! I had never thought about doing this until I saw your live!

Enhanced your customer experience with a simple thoughtful sticker

Sending thank you stickers to customers is a thoughtful gesture that can enhance the overall customer experience. The stickers I chose to send were the “ reviews are my love language “, “ love your order? “free samples inside”, thank you with a purple sparkle and the ones that I love are the scratch offs ! They are high-quality and added a delightful surprise to my packages and this small act of gratitude helped strengthen my trusted seller status!

If you're looking to add a special touch to your customer interactions, thank you stickers and scratch off cards are definitely worth considering!

Oh and MIKE is a pleasure to do business with. So many deals in his Facebook lives!

Such a cute scratchoff!

Rainbow poop from a Unicorn! 🦄 Cute, silly, colorful and sparkly! I can't wait to start using these scratchoffs to reward my customers with discounts, rebates, free gifts, etc. They'll be a great thank you gift to mail, as well as an excellent prize for in-person events. Mike also sent me a scratchoff with a discount on my next purchase! Thank you Unicorn Smiles!

Love them

I love the simplicity of the cards and how beautiful the wording is!

Always great!

These are great to give away and have fun with!

How cute are these

Every time I order from Unicorn Smiles. I'm always in love with whatever I order.

Rainbow stickers

My customers love them so colorful and appreciated.thank you Mike

Nail mail

My customers love them. I put them on my customer bags and they say they’re great.


Exactly what I needed!