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Unicorn Smiles

You are Beautiful Rose Gold Stickers

You are Beautiful Rose Gold Stickers

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Add this amazing sticker to your customer's package and give them a smile!

Each sticker is 2 by 3.5 inches (Business card size)


51 total reviews

Customer Reviews

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I’m very disappointed in this company. The products are awesome, at least what I received. However the customer service is terrible. I placed 2 orders in 2 days. I rec my second order first about a month after placing it. When I checked the tracking on the first it stated it was delivered. They had combined my orders. There was note inside telling me that they had some items on back order and the rest would be sent out accordingly. I emailed them with questions because I was confused. No response. With both orders, I was supposed to go receive multiple free items. Never got them. A few weeks later I emailed again explaining it had been over 2 months since my first order was replaced, I had received no communication, and honestly just wished to cancel the first since I wasn’t getting any feedback or my items. The next day an order was shipped. I received 2 of the items I ordered. Still no response from the company after multiple emails. I will never use or recommend this company again.

Dolores S.

Great customer, service and quality!

Rebecca M.

Great quality, absolutely love the way they look!

Christina S.

I just shipped quite a few packages and included these for my recipients to see when their package arrives. Love how easy it was to peel the backings off of these stickers!

Braizlee B.

Love unicorn smiles products . These stickers were so cute to add to my orders I sent out. They also were shipped to me very fast ! 💜💜💜💜 love them

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